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Rod Set Pictorial

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Yesterday afternoon I misted my previously washed and conditioned hair with water and began re-twisting it with my Giovanni Direct, jojoba oil, and Vitamin E mix. I followed up by smoothing raw shea butter over each twist and then rolling my hair with small rods. I got this hairstyle idea from a youtube video by African Export. I completed the style around 530pm yesterday and took the rods out around 900am today. My hair was fully dry except for a couple of twists that were just slightly damp (note: this style takes forever to dry!). This style produces extreme shrinkage which made me look like a cross between the Orphan Annie and Shirley Temple:) I don’t mind terribly. I’m sure the tiny twists and tiny rods aided in the shrinkage. This is a great style for really hot summer days and hanging out at a beach because the hair is completely out of the way, short, curly, and cute.
😉 Evelyn

(Above: Hair in rods; Below: Hair immediately after removing rods)

(Below: Twists unraveled, but not separated. I started separating in the next pic.)

(Below: Twists slightly separated–not too much to prevent frizz)

Author: charishreid

Writer and Educator.

One thought on “Rod Set Pictorial

  1. This looks cute! I did something similar to this when I twisted and used sponge rollers. I HAD to because my ends were still so straight and limp. But the results were like yours. I really dig this.


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