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Black Soap vs. Black Soap


The farmers market in downtown Columbus, GA is underway and I’m excited! The first week I went, I bought some of this black soap from the shea butter lady.

Pure Honey                       
Shea butter                        
Osun (camwood)              
Palmkernal oil                   
Cocoa pod ash                 
Palm bunch ash     
Aloe Vera
Lime Juice
Water and Fragrance
This brand of black soap is not bad I definitely felt cleaner and smoother skin, although slightly dried out. My acne spots and scars seemed like they smoothed out and lightened after a couple weeks use. However, it was the fragrance in this product that made it hard to use. It was an overpowering smell that if I got it up my nose while lathering, I would have a bad sneezing fit. It was a major irritation and I believe there is a link between the fragrance and my dry skin.

But last night I found this stuff from an Atlanta company called RA Cosmetics! It’s all the goodness without the overpowering smell!

Pure Honey                                  
Shea butter                                      
Osun (camwood)                            
Cocoa pod powder
Plantain peel powder
Palm kernal oil
Coconut oil
Aloe Vera

As far as I can tell, I received the same benefits as the Tropical Naturals Brand but without over drying effect on my face. My skin still felt smooth and pores appeared minimal. And there was definitely less sneezing! Plus the coconut oil has to be great hydration for the skin.

Here’s what they both look like next to one another in their bar form:

Overall? I think I’m sticking with the RA Cosmetics 100% Black Soap (fragrance-free). I think it works rather similarly to Dudu-Osun, but with what seem like completely natural ingredients. You can find this soap at your local black beauty supply or online at:

Author: charishreid

Writer and Educator.

6 thoughts on “Black Soap vs. Black Soap

  1. I have never used to Osun brand. I use one like the one that you purchased. I love black soap and being able to wash my face with it, as well!


  2. Thanks, Charish for this post. I've been thinking of using black soap. Here and lately there are so many brands. And given how poorly my face has been looking with breakouts on my cheeks especially, I'm not willing to wreck further havoc trying all these diff brands. But now, I'll look out for the R A Cosmetics one.

    Could you do a follow-up? I know your skin is not mine, but it would still help me to make an informed choice.


  3. Yes, I will do an update! It will have to take a week or two of use, though. I'm glad I took a chance on black soap. I can tell the difference already in using the Osun brand.

    On another note, I could tell when I was breaking out because of my diet. If I have dairy when I shouldn't, I can tell in the next couple days because I get a pimple out of nowhere! Lactos intolerance inflames me like an allergy. Check to see if something in your diet is bothering also. . .


  4. I'm using Dudu Osun Tropical Brand now.. I've been using for about a week and a few days.. My face looks like it's not really trying to improve I'm getting the sore pimples on the side of my face and still little one.. Now I'm thinking of changing to RA brand.. Did you by any chance notice the same thing happening to you?


  5. Sorry I never did an update! I actually moved from the place where I was purchasing it from and I haven't used black soap in about two years. But I'll tell you, when I was using the RA brand, it was pretty good. It was mild and natural and didn't smell over powering. If you're getting breaks out from the Dudu Osun it could be the fragrance and the dryness. If it leaves your skin TOO dry, your skin might be over-correcting just to get the natural oils back. I would switch.


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