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4 thoughts on “Afro Sheen Commercial

  1. Hmmm. It doesn't shock me too much. There is discussion about this in the natural hair community–“looking TOO natural”. I think that if people don't want to manipulate their hair then so be it, but I know when I wore my hair pretty much just like the guy in the video pre-afro sheen, it was not at it's healthiest. It was dry, brittle, and matted. I think that there can be something said for taking care of your hair, but there's a fine line. There are some naturals who will not go out of the house with their hair in an afro or without it being styled in some way. Is it due to shame? Fear of criticism? Or just a desire to care for your hair? Honestly, I don't think my hair looked great when it looked like the hair of the guy in the video. Afro fine, but lopsided afro, pieces sticking up here and there is not something that I would do now. At the same time, I won't mock or criticize someone who does choose to wear their hair like that.


  2. And nor should Frederick Douglass. I'm trying to consider the audience and the time that this was filmed. In the seventies when being “natural” tied you to the “Motherland,” I suppose it would make sense for this sort of narrative. But how wrapped up in hair was Douglass?? Also, is that Don Cornelius's voice?


  3. I enjoyed the commercial. I feel that it showed the pride that we should take in our hair no matter how we choose to wear it. To each his own but I do feel that when hair is completely cared for it shows. Our hair is a beautiful thing and should be worn with pride. In my humble opinion 'free style' should not be confused with unkept looking. Even those who free form the hair can look clean, conditioned and loved. There is so much negative thought tide to our natural hair so why should we promote uncared for hair is ok. It's a gift that has been given to us by our Master so treat it with pride. Just my thoughts………


  4. I agree, Rockin' Robin. There are many nuanced ways to be “natural” and we shouldn't limit it to super shiny afros. I can definitely dig with they were trying to do, the rhetorical effect is there, they know who their audience is.


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