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Black Beauties of Vogue Italia

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Never before have I wanted to learn Italian quite like I do now. Vogue Italia, is featuring a huge spread called “Tribute to Black Beauties,” which includes gorgeous hues (not just black) and sexy retro fashion that’s exciting to see again. But honestly, when will chunky platforms and boxy mod dresses go out of fashion? Colors, as always, are big in this spread. From the make up to the blue trench with white trim, I’m falling in love with Italia’s black fashion perspective.


It’s the beautiful glowing skin and natural curls exploding off the pages that have completely ensnared me. If I can get my hands on this issue, (at my local Barnes and Noble) I will surely buy it. This is not the first time Vogue Italia has surprised me. In July of ’08, they released the “Black Issue” featuring four heavy-hitting black supermodels on their own covers. This is a great step in the right direction, not just for black super models but for black women all over the world. This is really a tribute to you and me!


Author: charishreid

Writer and Educator.

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