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  1. I'm taking this is your new logo? KEWL!!! Charish is responsible? LOL! Hi, E!


  2. I'm in the midst of changing the favicon to our website. With help of DatFunkyFro, I hope this is doable. . .

    And why's it gotta be Charish who's responsible? It's like Ev told you I'm always up to shenanigans and ruining our blog! lol! Like I said, I hope this works!


  3. I love it! Had a link to Designer Blogs. But not sure. I want to do a few things myself. But it has to be the right feel etc. The website look but not at the website price. And yes, Ev told me you do the technical stuff, not that you ruin it. LOL! LOL! I love the look and feel of SN. Quite appealing. Although the look pales in comparison to its content. So tell me how it goes, I'll see for sure. And good luck, have fun with it.


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