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Perfect Marriage of Television

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My two favorite television sitcoms are The Cosby Show and Girlfriends! Both are canceled by now, but stars from both shows are teaming up on BET for a new series called Reed Between the Lines


The upcoming BET show Reed Between the Lines stars my favorite natural TV star, Traci Ellis Ross. We love her and we also say that the UPN/CW network will rue the day that they canceled Girlfriends.

Also, there is Malcolm Jamal Warner, TV’s former kid brother,”Theo Huxtable.” I’ve also seen him on NBC comedy Community lately and I think it’s great that he’s back on television. “Theo” is still quite funny.

She’s a psychiatrist, he’s an English professor, they’ve got three kids. . . watch the hi-jinks ensue! It’s coming out this fall. So look out. I will, cause I love Traci’s hair and fashion. She’s always giving me great ideas!

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