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This Feels Like Fashion #2

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I was inspired by Charish’s post to share some of my thoughts on fashion and a few items I think are hott this spring/summer. I like unique and affordable items. I have found some treasures at thrift and consignment stores and some great things at department stores. This is what I’m into now:

1. Mini-dresses
I have been wearing mini-dresses as shirts for awhile now and I love it! Some gals may wear these dresses as dresses, but I find many of them to be a bit short. I’m going to throw some colorful tights underneath these bad boys this summer. I’ll conclude the outfit with either ankle boots or gladiator sandals.

Floral prints are hott!

(Forever 21)
Oh you’re 31, so what! Don’t sleep on this store, they have great stuff!

Thrift store baby-very retro.

Forever 21

2. Tights
I love leggings and tights. I wear them all year around. The great thing is that there are so many more color and pattern options nowadays than ever before. Some stores have selections, but you will find much more variety online. My favorite website for tights and leggings is The tights shown in the photo above are on the website (aren’t they fly!).

3. Ankle boots, booties, and sandals
I am looking forward to putting my sandals back on soon! I’m very interested in gladiator sandals, but I’m more excited about rocking some ankle boots and booties this summer. I have occasionally worn boots in the summer, but now there seems to be a major trend in that direction. I never realized how stinkin cute ankle boots are with tights and mini skirts or dresses. Sexy!

Forever 21, I love these!

What’s in your closet?


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Writer and Educator.

One thought on “This Feels Like Fashion #2

  1. A side of my wife I never knew before! Such a fashionista! Love you,



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