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This Feels like Fashion

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I’m all about what Evelyn was saying about thrift shopping this season! I’ve been reading a lot of magazines (for research! I tell my husband) and searching a lot of websites like Black Fashion. I’m looking like this these days:

This is after a second hand store trip with my friend. I managed to score that red paisley top ($6.50) you see to your left. I like it so much because you can tie it at the bottom for a cute cropped look or just leave it baggy. I’m also wearing my skinny jeans rolled at the ankles with leather sandals.

I hope to eventually look like this soon:

          I want to this outfit so badly! It’s cute, retro
and hip. It’s the black hipster I want to be! I even want the glasses, which might be a problem. I’d have to get prescription nerd glasses or get contacts again then pair them with fake glasses…
this could turn into a headache.

I’m certain that both Ev and I will update you on fashion journey as well and with any luck, I will progress into this hip fly young lady 

or even this chick:

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One thought on “This Feels like Fashion

  1. I Mean Fashion! Love it.


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