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Do It Yourself (For Real)


I’m back in twists and I’ve been wearing my hair like this for a week now. They’re holding up nicely, here’s a picture:

I’ve gotten lots of compliments on my hairdo which is really exciting. Black women that I don’t even know have approached me on the street, in the mall to tell me they like my twists. They’ve also inquired about who did them. When I tell them that I do my own hair, they are almost always shocked. 

“You do that?”
Sure, I do.
And you can too!

I have the attitude that if I can’t do it, then I need to know what it takes to learn. I’m also cheap. I’m not trying to fly to the salon just so someone can braid my hair. I know there are livelihoods at stake and salon owners depend on the business, but I’m afraid they won’t be getting any of my paycheck. I’ve got working hands! I’m crafty and smart!

In this new techno-age, where information is so readily available, people are now able to make well informed decisions about their health and beauty. As consumers, we are finally at a time where we can get our power back from companies. If I don’t want to buy your shampoo because I can’t read your ingredients, that’s now my prerogative. I can search the internet, read a book, watch a YouTube video and find that I might want to slather avocado in my hair instead.

Imagine that!
Black hair care is not a Super Secret Club 
with an exclusive membership, decoder ring or handshake! Don’t feel like you
need to go somewhere to get something done by a wizard or buy something in a magic elixir bottle that promises to save you. 
Now this doesn’t mean that journey to self-help is not fraught with some mistakes! If you read about my Chia Seed SNAFU from earlier posts then you know experimentation can be risky. But you feel great when it pays off, don’t you? I love my twists and I have no one to thank but myself (and of course the YouTube video that I watched). That sense of accomplishment is worth it! So remember this, even though it’s a tad corny: I did it and you can too!

Author: charishreid

Writer and Educator.

3 thoughts on “Do It Yourself (For Real)

  1. Girl, Amen! Some people do believe (sadly) that they you have to possess the secret handshake to be a part of the 'natural hair' realm. They clearly did not get the memo! We have so much at our fingertips, we have got to use it, DIY-it!

    I thoroughly loved this post! And your frankness.


  2. Thank you, Naturaleza! It's been a delight to read your blog, please keep it going.


  3. Yes indeed! You are SO right. That is where we lose so much money, because we don't BELIEVE we can do it ourselves. Your hair is gorgeous! See you soon!!!!


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