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Let’s Get Random!

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Today Was A Good Day- It’s a pesky overcast day in Illinois, but I’m in good spirits because today has been a good day. My classes went well, my daughter is recovering from her illness (a slight case of pneumonia), hubby is great, family and friends are living and breathing, and my hair is in a good place. Yay! Everyday isn’t spectacular, but I am always happy to wake up another day and to be given another chance to become a better person.
Cookies- I’m pondering making cookies soon. I haven’t baked a whole lot lately due to being so busy, but I really want some homemade cookies. I’m going to try and go the more healthy route and make some plain oatmeal cookies. Although peanut butter and snickerdoodle also sound good…
I Should Go Run But- mostly I just don’t feel like it. I ran yesterday so I may do some indoor Taebo later this evening.
Shop Less, Save More- I am making an effort to do a little less thrift store shopping. I have been doing some “thrifting” about once a week now (small purchases, usually not spending a lot of money) and I need to cut back. I’m paying back student loans now and I want to get it out of the way as soon as possible so I try to pay a little extra each month. I figure if I shop less I can use that extra money for loan payments. I truly love thrift store shopping so this won’t be easy!
Curlychronicles Will Be Stopping By! Curlychronicles from Youtube and Retro Natural will be doing a guest blog in the near future so look out for that. I am soooo excited! I have been a long-term subscriber to her Youtube channel and I can closely relate to her views on natural hair care, products, and healthy eating. She will be writing about natural hair and healthy eating.
I Smell Dinner- My husband is making dinner and it smells delicious so I am going to go peer over his shoulder and sneak bites, lol.

~ Evelyn

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One thought on “Let’s Get Random!

  1. We want a recipe for those cookies! I look forward to Curlychronicals guest spot! Yay!


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