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I’ve Made a Huge Mistake

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Today is my two year wedding anniversary! Noah and I had a lovely dinner yesterday and spent some much needed quality time with one another. Today, he went to work while I stayed home with bunny to take care of some necessary experimentation. Some of it worked out all right, the rest of it went terribly wrong. Let’s take a look.

The All Right

This was easy enough. I wanted to make a clay mask because I read about the detoxifying properties of moroccan red clay. Every once in a while I need a good scrub or mask. Lately, I’ve been using Avocado and Yogurt for a super moisturizing mask and Ev’s brown sugar and honey scrub recipe
Here’s the recipe for a Red Clay Mask:
2 tablespoons of powder clay
1 tablespoon of water
1 tablespoon of honey 
Mix in a bowl and slather on face. Adding honey helps with moisturizing because the clay will definitely dry your face out. Leave on for about 30 minutes or until completely dry. My skin look brighter! This is suppose to clean out and shrink pores and tighten skin. I’m feeling the tightness but not in an uncomfortable way. I’m hoping it helps with small bumps and inflammation.

The Terribly Wrong
I can’t say enough great things about Chia seeds. Noah and I have been eating them for a few months now and we really dig them. If you want to read a detailed article about the health benefits of Chia seeds, read here
Here’s just a quick rundown of what they can do:
  • They are a hydrophilic plant that absorbs moisture at an incredible rate. Eating a spoonful of seeds and drinking a glass of water offers hours of hydration for your body.
  • When ingested, the ‘gel’ that is created when the seeds get wet, coat the lining of the stomach and gives you a full feeling,slowing down the conversion of carbs to sugar. This is great for diabetics.
  • Chia seeds offer an incredibly high amount of omega-3 fatty acids. So it’s repairing cells all over the place by speeding up the absorption of fat soluble vitamins A,D,E, and K.
With all that said, I have to tell you what you CAN’T use Chia seeds for: 
A hair conditioner.
I thought to myself: You can make a hair gel out of the flax seeds. Why not chia seeds? If I leave them in a cup of water for about 30 minutes, I’ll get a super hydrating gel for moisturizing my curls. 
I should have known better when the gel still had all the seed hulls in it. It was slimy and perfect for my wet hair and I figured that the slippery gel would make the seed hulls wash out easier. 
I sat in a plastic cap for about 30 minutes before putting my head in the kitchen sink. Washing was not easy. In fact, I got a little scared that I couldn’t get them all out! I was hurting my back resting over the kitchen sink finger combing these tiny slippery seeds out of my curls. I did this for a few more minutes before I gave up and took a shower. I shampooed 3 TIMES! This also worried me, because I’ve never shampooed that much. I hair was all drawed up and dry by the time I got to my conditioner. I had to start all over with the conditioning process which was a headache, but I finally got my hair back in the shape that it was in at the beginning. Sigh.
I moisturized with my leave-in conditioner, almond and Castor oil. I think I’m back on track.
Lesson of the day, Eat Chia seeds don’t put them in your hair!
If you’ve had some crazy experiments gone awry, please let us know. I don’t want to feel like the only shmuck online.

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One thought on “I’ve Made a Huge Mistake

  1. :o) LUV'D this post! Those are two products I never knew of. Need to read up on both those products and their uses.
    Thanks for commenting on Naturaleza, appreciate your sharing. You can always check us back for a response to your query.

    Loving your blog!


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