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Put some cranberries in it!

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Being the baked goods connoisseur that I am, I had to take note of how yummy dried cranberries are in a variety of foods. This week a co-worker brought in chocolate chip cookies that had nuts and cranberries and they were incredible! To top that off, I visited my current favored bakery-The Cake Artists Studio- and had two small cookies they called “Nantuckets” which are shortbread/sugar cookies with white chocolate chips and cranberries. Delicious! I eat cranberries a lot in a homemade trail mix (almonds, cranberries, and sunflower seeds), but I never think to add them to cookies. Did you know that cranberries also add a nice hint of sweetness to salads? They do! Try a spinach leaf salad with apple chunks, pecans, and cranberries and report back! There are even savory ways to implement cranberries. Don’t tell me you haven’t had cranberry sauce over turkey or dressing on Thanksgiving! If not, try it and report back! On top of how darn good they taste, cranberries also produce a powerful natural substance called hippuric, which has a strong antibiotic effect on the urinary tract. What this means is that cranberries can aid in preventing urinary tract infections which occur ten times more in women than men. So, the next time you reach for a meal or snack, put some cranberries in it! And report back! 😉


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