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Love moves me and shapes me.

My husband’s love is tectonic. It builds and shakes my soul. It’s magical, mythical, symphonic.
Love lifts me and carries me.
My love for my daughter renews me. It is a life force. She is a love story.
Love awakens and propels me.
My love for friends is sweet like cane juice. It extends me.
Love soaks me and absorbs me.
My love for family is a continuum love. It has hills and valleys.
Love moves me, love moves me.


Author: charishreid

Writer and Educator.

3 thoughts on “LOVE

  1. This is very lovely, Ev. You *do* have a poet in you!


  2. This IS lovely, Evelyn! I love your thoughts on love 🙂


  3. Thank you! I don't write creatively often, only when I feel “moved” to do it. I think we all have some poetry within us. Sometimes it's our spoken words, sometimes our written words, sometimes our behaviors. I really enjoy writing creatively when I can, I do way too much academic writing! 😉


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