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Natural Debate


 What is your definition of “Natural?” 
 When I first started with this journey, I thought being natural was 
No Chemicals Relaxers/Perms
No Flat Ironing.
I told my husband: “If you noticed that bathroom door closed for about 40 minutes and there’s burning smell in the house, please tell me to turn off the flat iron.” I have kept away from my hot styling tools since December and I’m proud of myself. I wanted to get that natural curl back and now that I’ve got it, I’m flirting with the idea of straighten again. I like having variety and believe I look great straight or curly. I just have different hair moods!
Now, this might disappoint or turn some readers off. But is it wrong to apply some heat to your head and call yourself a natural at the same time? Would I be ruining my ethos as a natural hair blogger if I turn back?
Am I a flat ironing wolf in natural sheep’s wool?
Is excluding chemicals natural enough?

I would love to hear your thoughts.

Author: charishreid

Writer and Educator.

4 thoughts on “Natural Debate

  1. I think sometimes people are a little too rigid in what they define as natural. In my opinion, hair is natural if it is not chemically processed with lye to make it straight. Period. The truth is that we manipulate our hair a lot: combing, shampooing, curling, twisting, cutting,etc. so it is never 100% natural (as in exactly the way that it is grown out of your scalp). I say do what makes you happy. However, I do believe in heat damage. That is something that you may want to watch out for.


  2. I saw that video, loved it. I understand what she was saying and I feel a little better. I definitely want to be careful with the heat because my goal is healthy hair not necessarily repunzel hair. I think maybe I can hold off for a little while longer, but if I do want to straighten, I'll go about it intelligently.


  3. It seems like it can be okay when done in moderation and with a heat protectant. I plan to also flat iron my hair sporadically (once a year). If I do notice damage though, I may not straighten for quite awhile thereafter. Honestly though, all of the youtube/blogger girls I see with long healthy hair never or rarely flat iron. I heard that roller sets actually provide a straightened look without the flat ironing…


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