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Not in the Right Order?


I had a strange hair journey isn’t very much like most natural sisters I’ve been reading about. I’ve read and heard of a lot of women getting relaxers and salon perms for most of their childhoods, they wake up and decide they want to start over, so then comes the BIG CHOP! From there, they are reborn. . .

. . . they embrace their curls. . .

They are now Natural.

I wish I could say I had that same self-actualization, but it was a lot more muddled than that.

I had a mother who didn’t like dealing with relaxers, so I didn’t get them done too often. I can think of a handful of times when I had a relaxer as a child. Most of the time, I was just working with natural hair. It was long and pretty curly. As a young adult though, I ran into problems when I started handling it too much.

Hard Brushing
Tight Ponytails
Wet Combing
Stringent Shampoos
Hardly Moisturized

My 25th Birthday in Bangkok, Thailand

 I got some significant damage and about two years ago when I returned from Thailand, I noticed a significant length change and lots of breakage. Hair was in the sink and I was in a hair rut. That’s when I decided, last year, I would try a BIG CHOP! Only I would try a cute pixie cut that would mimic Rhianna’s. I got my hair relaxed after the chop and didn’t realize I was holding myself back even further! I had taken my old habits into an even more fragile situation.

After the Big Chop and Perm

 I wasn’t ready for the up and down emotions I would have while having much LESS hair and not continuing with perm treatments. I had a short half-natural, that was curl in the back and straight in the front. I was frustrated and didn’t feel pretty or feminine at all. I thought that none of this would be an issue if I had just left my hair care in the hands of my mother. At the age of 26, I know that’s pretty silly. I would have to learn all by myself how to take care of my hair.

With the help of my friend Evelyn, (who was working out her own hair issues but progressing much quicker than myself), I was turned on to moisture rich ideas and tips to get my hair back to the way it was!

It’s still a struggle and it’s our hope that this blog and others like it are helpful to women making the transition from straight to curly. Although my story didn’t go in the same order as others, it’s all the same exploration into the world of healthy hair!

Today’s hair, a bit longer, lots healthier!

Author: charishreid

Writer and Educator.

4 thoughts on “Not in the Right Order?

  1. Awww, I love your hair! I think that most of us also go through days where we don't like our hair as much. Sometimes I feel like throwing on a hat lol. But, your hair is beautiful! Thanks for posting this.


  2. Yay!!! It doesn't matter how you got here…you're here! Luv ya;)


  3. Thanks guys! We're all still working at it the best we can, huh? Thank you all for *your* bitchin' blogs. Ev and I love the supporting warm community.


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