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We Have Had It!


Michael Moore has landed in Madison to give his support to a fight that effects the whole nation. If you work in America, what’s happening in Wisconsin is important to you. I live in a state (GA) where unions are all but banned, but there’s still hope for the rest of the nation.

 Evelyn is located in Illinois, where 14 Wisconsin law makers are hiding out. To the fugitives, wherever they are in Illinois, I say keep it up. Hold on a little more and hopefully the nation will come to it’s senses. We NEED unions! Teachers, firefighter, policemen are needed in our country. They work hard, very hard, therefore we need to support them.

To read more about these 14 Wisconsin senators go here

Author: charishreid

Writer and Educator.

2 thoughts on “We Have Had It!

  1. Indiana Democrats are also holed up in Illinois to prevent similar measures in their state.


  2. This is what i'm talking about! It's so good to see that people all over the world are saying enough with the bullshit. People matter, not corporations and not antiquated traditions. I think this is the beginning of something great:)


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