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Welcome to the Salon

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Welcome to our first posting at the salon! Evelyn and I will be talking about lots of great things:
Hair We are very interested in talking about black hair maintenance. We support keeping natural curls healthy and well. . . curly, kinky, and/or nappy. Expect plenty of tips, resource links, videos, pictures and natural haircare recipes.
Food We love to eat. One of us loves to cook more than the other (Evelyn) Expect plenty of pictures, recipes from Ev and kitchen horror stories from me.
Love Both of us are young married ladies who love our husbands. Evelyn is a mom to a human baby (expect pictures and video there). I’m the mother of a rabbit baby (expect pictures and video there). We love our families very much and might talk about them from time to time. We will also discuss romance and sexuality where it concerns women and feminism.
Life All of the things above will be discussed from the perspective of Evelyn’s life in Illinois and my life in Georgia. Our day to day living will be peppered throughout our blog, giving it a more personal touch. . .just for you!
So welcome to the salon. Sit, chat and enjoy!

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Writer and Educator.

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